Horse Claims

Horse Claims

How to make an insurance claim for your horses.

The horse claim process

If your horse needs veterinary treatment, let us know as soon as possible. Call us on 0800 366 466, or get your claim started online.

To help your claim run smoothly you should:

  • let your vet know that FMG might contact them about the claim;
  • give permission to your vet to talk to FMG about treatment and provide copies of relevant reports;
  • get our agreement before having your horse operated on or put down, unless it’s an emergency on humane grounds;
  • arrange for a post mortem if your horse has died suddenly.

After you’ve made a claim

When we lodge your claim we’ll go through next steps, including any other information we’ll need from you. We’ll also let you know about expected timeframes and the settlement process. 

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