Vehicle Claims

Vehicle Claims

How to make a claim for windscreen damage, vehicle accidents or theft for your personal, farm or commercial vehicles.

How to make a vehicle claim

If you need to make a claim for your vehicle whether it’s a car, truck or a farm vehicle, let us know as soon as possible. Call 0800 366 466 or get your claim started online.

Chipped or broken windscreens

If your claim is for windscreen damage only:

  • Call us and we’ll give you a claim number and the details of your nearest or Smith & Smith Auto Glass, you can also choose to go to another repairer if you prefer.
  • Alternatively, visit your local Smith and Smith Auto Glass, tell them you’re an FMG client and they’ll contact us direct. 

Vehicle accidents

What to do after an accident

If you’ve been involved in an accident call us for help. If your vehicle can’t be driven secure it as best as you can and take your personal items with you. If you need to arrange for the vehicle to be towed we’ll reimburse you once your claim is accepted.

If other vehicles were involved, give your name and contact details to the owner(s). It’s important you don’t admit fault as this can limit our ability to act on your behalf.

What information to provide

If your vehicle has been in an accident we will need:

  • Registration numbers of all vehicles involved.
  • Details of all drivers involved - name, address, birth date, contact details  and driver licence information.
  • If someone else’s property was damaged we’ll need their name, address and phone number.
  • Name and contact details of any witnesses and passengers.
  • Police reference number if there is one.
  • Location and time of the accident.

Stolen vehicles

If your vehicle’s been stolen:


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