Are your farm contents adequately insured?

We often find clients underestimate the value of their farm contents, usually due to the quantity of items and them being stored in various places making it easy to miss items.

Recent events have proved that loss can spread across an entire property not just one implement shed for example. If your farm contents sum insured is less than the true value of your items and a total loss occurs you may not be able to replace some items come claim time. This is why it’s important to ensure your farm contents are adequately covered for if the worst should happen.

Check out the calculator to see if you should talk to us about changing your sum insured. If you need to Increase your farm contents sum insured it may not cost as much you think.

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Farm contents calculator

We have worked with Sum Insured, a specialist provider in the research and production of building contents replacement information across the residential, commercial, and rural sectors in New Zealand and Australia to create a farm contents calculator. We have provided the calculator to help you establish the sum insured of your farm contents as it is your responsibility to provide the amount you need to be insured for.

The calculator provides an estimate of you farm contents sum insured based on the type of farm you select. It includes items from small and less expensive items to large and more expensive portable equipment. You can add or remove items to receive a more accurate estimate for your situation.

    Farm Contents Calculator

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You can update your farm contents sum insured in FMG Connect, our online service.