Tick Icon Crisis management

Covers costs associated with reporting and responding to a breach or cyber attack.

Tick Icon Business interruption

Covers the financial cost sustained if your day-to-day operations are affected following a network attack.

Tick Icon First party covers

Cover for the costs and losses you sustain as a business following an attack.

Tick Icon Third party covers

Cover for amounts you are liable to pay others following a breach.

Whether you have an online customer database, a public website, or you’ve got computer systems running some of your machinery, your business is likely to be at some risk of cyber breach or attack.

FMG’s Cyber liability cover** insures your business for when your computer systems are breached (if you or an employee make personal or confidential information public) or attacked (if someone attacks your networks).

Cyber security is becoming increasingly relevant for businesses who use any type of computer system to store data, such as clients’ personal information. Human error is often the most common cause of an attack so having good processes in place is key to avoiding potential risks.

We recommend all clients with follow CERT NZ’s top tips for cyber security to reduce the risk of a breach or cyber attack.

**FMG’s Cyber Liability cover is underwritten by Delta Insurance.

FMG offers Cyber Liability insurance as an additional cover for clients who have other commercial policies with us. Give us a call on 0800 366 466 to talk through whether Cyber Liability insurance is right for you.

*This is a summary view of our policy and is subject to our specific product documentation and underwriting criteria. For full details please download the policy wording or get a free copy by calling us on 0800 366 466.

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