How to find the best life and health cover for you

How to find the best life and health cover for you

We know that everyone is in a different stage of life, so their financial goals and priorities may look very different if they get injured, sick or were to die. At FMG we can help you work through a personalised Risk Plan to make sure you’ve thought about how best to protect your livelihood, family and/or business from the devastating impact of an unexpected death, injury, illness or permanent disability.

FMG’s risk plans are underwritten and administered by Fidelity Life, AIA, AMP, and/or Southern Cross.


What is a personalised Risk Plan?

If you’ve just started a family, entered business, or are nearing retirement, not all life and health cover is going to work for you. Our team of skilled advisers are trained to ask you the big questions and give you advice on the best cover to suit you. They’ll talk you through your financial priorities, goals for the future, and what you need to be able to look after yourself, your family or your staff and business if the unexpected happens.

Following the discussion our team will help create a Risk Plan which gives you control over choosing the best plan for your life and health needs.

Questions to consider include:
  - Who will look after me, and my family if I’m unable to work?
  - Will I able to keep up with my payments or pay off my outstanding debts?
  - If a key person in my business is sick or injured, can I afford extra staff to cover the workload?
  - In the event of death or terminal illness, will my family and/or business be protected financially?

What your personalised Risk Plan can cover

Short or medium-term disablement or illness
If you become sick or injured, life and health insurance can give you the financial support you need to pay the mortgage or other bills, fund childcare and keep the business running while you focus on treatment, recovery or rehabilitation. You can also choose to sign onto private healthcare.

Long-term or permanent disablement or illness
Issues including chronic pain, sickness relating to stress, or heart and cancer conditions that have ongoing treatment associated with them may mean that you’re out of work for longer, or you may not be able to return to work at all. You can access cover including income protection, payments to reduce debt, and other ways to support you, your family and your business in the long-term.

Life Insurance is ultimately about looking after your loved ones and your business if you’re not around. This cover can also help if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and given 12 months or less to live, as you’re able to claim your insurance to spend as you wish. Life and key person insurance are usually paid out in a lump sum if you, or a person you’re depending on in the business, die.

Start your personalised Risk Plan today

Whether you need an FMG adviser who understands you, your family or your business, or would simply like help making sense of your options, we can help you through the decision-making and application process.