What Life & Health insurance means for Matt and Rob Duytshoff

Brothers Matt and Rob Duytshoff have created an innovative business over the last four years trimming trees up to a height of 30 metres. When planning for their future they understood with the help of FMG, that in their line of work, if they become ill or injured they’d need Life & Health cover to keep the business going and look after their young families.

Why Matt and Rob got their Life & Health insurance through FMG

When starting their business, the brothers from Tauranga rang around a few insurance companies but FMG was the only insurer who actually understood what a shelter trimmer was, let alone the risks associated with using that kind of machinery.

Matt and Rob took out their business insurance with FMG first and then one of our trained Life & Health advisers Liz gave them a call to talk about making sure they had thought about insuring their most valuable business asset - them.

Both Matt and Rob have young families so if one were to become seriously ill or injured, or even die, the brothers thought it was important to make sure there was cover in place to keep the business running, but also make sure their families were looked after as well.

The cover they've put in place*

Tick Icon Life insurance

If you were to die, your business responsibilities and debt still need to be managed. Life insurance can help your loved one manage things if you're gone, or if you're diagnosed with a terminal illness and given 12 months or less to live.

Tick Icon Accidental injury

If you have an accidental injury that impacts your daily life, you can receive an up-front payment to use towards the support you need such as covering treatment costs, hiring someone to help with your business, childcare, or simply taking time off work to recover.

Talk to us about a personalised Risk Plan

Our team of dedicated Life & Health advisers are trained to ask you some of the big questions, so we can understand your goals and priorities and then recommend Life & Health insurance options that work for you, your family, and can include options to protect your business or farming operations as well.

Your personalised Risk Plan will give you options on how best to protect your livelihood from the devastating impact of an unexpected death, injury, illness or permanent disability.

*FMG’s risk plans are underwritten and administered by Fidelity Life, AIA, Resolution Life, and/or Southern Cross.