On Friday, 20 August FMG held its 116th Annual General Meeting. Due to COVID-19 Alert Levels, this was held online.

The 2021 AGM Resolutions and 2021 Member Director Election results are detailed below

Adopt the 116th Annual Report and Financial Statements YES
Appointment of Ernst & Young as Auditors YES
Board Chair Remuneration  ($117,000)YES
Director Remuneration ($63,000) YES
Chair Risk & Audit Committee Remuneration ($15,000) YES
Chair People & Governance Committee Remuneration ($15,000)YES

2021 Member Director Election results

Each year, two Member Directors of the FMG Board are required to retire by rotation. This year it was the turn of Michael Ahie and Geoff Copstick. Of note, after 12 years of service as a board member Michael Ahie did not stand for re-election. Geoff Copstick did stand for re-election. In addition to Geoff Copstick, two other Members stood for election; Debbie Hewitt and Julian Smith.

The two vacancies were filled by Geoff Copstick and Debbie Hewitt.

You can find all FMG Board member biographies here.