We’re the local FMG team committed to being part of rural communities all around the mounga. We are driven to help clients understand the risks to their operations, and how insurance can play a part in planning to withstand the unexpected events life can throw up.

Committed Insurance Professionals, the team can help with both general and life and health insurance advice – providing the total advice and insurance conversation to keep Taranaki moving.

Belinda Mooney | Area Manager – Sales, Advice & Service

Belinda Mooney

The spot checks are something you’ve just got to do these days. We’ve had friends who’ve had bits and pieces chopped out and we’re at that age now.

Christine and Don Munro - Tarata farmers

The Taranaki Team

This is your local FMG team – they're never too far away. And our phones are answered just down the road in  Palmerston North.

  • Georgia Gavin

    Georgia Gavin

    Rural Manager - Eastern Taranaki

  • Hamish Alabaster

    Hamish Alabaster

    Rural Manager - Central Taranaki

  • Janene Riley

    Janene Riley

    Rural Manager - Southern Taranaki

  • Sapphire Mills

    Sapphire Mills

    Rural Manager - Coastal Taranaki

  • Shelley Weir

    Shelley Weir

    Rural Manager - Northern Taranaki

  • Dylan Hartwell

    Dylan Hartwell

    Commercial Manager - Northern Taranaki

  • Mark Nicholson

    Mark Nicholson Taranaki

    Commercial Manager - Southern Taranaki

  • JB Burger

    JB Burger

    Life & Health Adviser - Northern Taranaki

  • Taylor Preece

    Taylor Preece

    Life & Health Adviser - Southern Taranaki

  • Mike Petrie

    Mike Petrie