We’re the local Waikato FMG team and are committed to being part of rural communities all throughout the area.

As a 100% NZ member owned mutual it means our clients come first. We are passionate team of experienced insurance professionals who understand the risks within the operations they run, and how insurance can play an integral part in planning to withstand the unexpected events life can throw their way.

Our team can help with General, Rural, Business/Commercial and Life & Health insurance advice – providing the total advice and insurance conversation to keep Waikato growing.

Ian Stewart | Area Manager – Sales, Advice & Service

Ian Stewart

El Niño and Waikato

With El Niño forecast for the upcoming months you will likely experience higher temperatures, less rainfall, and stronger seasonal winds, compared to normal/average – leading to longer dry spells.

You can also expect lower soil moisture levels and river flows.

For more information on El Niño and your region visit NIWA.

Source: NIWA
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The Waikato Team

This is your local FMG team – they're never too far away. And our phones are answered in Palmerston North.

  • Jade Harries

    Jade Harris

    Rural Manager

  • Robyn Butterworth

    Silhouette F

    Rural Manager

  • Mike Judge

    Mike Judge

    Rural Manager

  • Jen Stokes

    Jen Stokes

    Rural Manager

  • Kanya O'Carroll


    Rural Manager

  • Andrew Mercer

    Andrew Mercer

    Rural Manager

  • Danni Imlig

    Danni Imlig

    Rural Manager

  • Candice Batty

    Candice B

    Senior Rural Manager

  • Chris Mouritis

    Chris Mouritis

    Commercial Manager

  • Nick Dekker

    Nick Dekker

    Commercial Manager

  • Todd Pemberton

    Todd Pemberton

    Commercial Manager

  • Renee Simpson

    Renee S

    Senior Commerical Manager

  • Naveen Eapen


    Life & Health Adviser

  • Mike Whitehead

    Mike Whitehead

    Life & Health Adviser

  • Tony Gorlicki

    Tony Gorlicki

    Risk Consultant