We partner with Blackfern because we're both here to support New Zealand businesses with our shared New Zealand owned ethos.

FMG has been a big part provincial New Zealand for over 115 years. But we haven’t just been insuring farmers and growers, we also help the businesses that support these communities.

Tyrone Hale of CBD Panel beating & Mechanical in Auckland is a trusted name in the panel beating and mechanics business. Established in 1997 his shop has been servicing the needs of Auckland and New Zealand drivers for over 24 years. Tyrone is a Blackfern member and insures his business with FMG.

“FMG have been really good for us and Blackfern as well. Dan (FMG Commercial Manager Daniel Baxter) looked at our suppliers and gave us some solid advice that it would be a lot easier and more beneficial to use them all on the same system and it’s a New Zealand brand, so I thought this sounds fantastic! Let’s get it going! And it’s a really good fit these companies working together.”

“Working with Blackfern they fix any problems straight away. For example, if someone charges the wrong account or we’re needing a credit Blackfern is really excellent to deal with, you just ring them, and problem solved.”

Tyrone says Blackfern and FMG both offer the same great personal service. “It’s so valuable being able to get someone on the phone and FMG is the same. If you’ve got an issue you give them a call.”

“I’ve got loan cars coming and going depending on if you’re upgrading or someone has an accident, we just ring up our account manager and it’s done. You get a person you know on the phone rather than some stranger overseas.”

If you’re a Blackfern member and you insure with FMG, you can get access to the following insurance extensions that are specific to your garage and workshop operations:

Additional employees’ effects cover

Our Material Damage policy covers your commercial buildings and contents. As a Blackfern member you can get additional cover for your employees’ contents, like their tools of trade.

Liability cover for workshops

Our Liability policy covers your legal liability if you accidentally cause damage to other peoples’ property. As a Blackfern member, your Liability insurance would include:

  • Automatic cover for service and repair to agreed liability limit
  • Automatic cover for faulty workmanship to the value of $100,000
  • Automatic cover for warrant of fitness to the value of $100,000

“We recommend FMG to our clients as well, it’s all clear and straightforward. You know what you’ve got and what’s covered and what you’re paying. It’s all done clear as day and there’s no splitting hairs. I’ve recently had a claim with the automotive team, and they were really, really helpful.”

FMG’s Daniel Baxter says there’s a real synergy between FMG and Blackfern.

“Both companies were created with a similar purpose in mind and share a similar philosophy – a better deal for our customers and for New Zealand.”

Both companies operate with similar models – FMG as a Mutual where all profits go back into the business, while Blackfern is a Co-operative and is owned by its members.

“It’s the sense of community and a shared motivation that our clients have the best experience” says Dan.

Since 1905 the core purpose of FMG has been to provide ‘a better deal for rural New Zealand’ and partnering with Blackfern helps us do just that.

For more information on our partnership with Blackfern Cooperative, click here.