Just like chef and FMG’s client Michael van de Elzen, more and more of us are moving to the country.

FMG has teamed up with Michael to share how the country can be good for you. From growing your own ingredients to make healthy meals to undertaking a new project, we want to help you take advantage of the great opportunities that come with rural life.

A note from Michael

Most people know me as a chef, but I’m a lifestyle block owner too. We moved out to our farm in Muriwai with the dream of opening our Good From Scratch Cookery School, and while we absolutely love our slice of paradise, being a lifestyle block owner comes with some steep learning curves.

I grew up on a chicken farm so it wasn’t entirely foreign to me, but there have been a few updates in technology since then! I’ve teamed up with FMG to share my journey, why we made the move and what we’ve learned along the way.

Obviously, food is a big part of my life, and a huge reason for us moving out to the country. My Good From Scratch philosophy is all about creating healthy, tasty food from scratch—food is always better when you know exactly what goes into it. Our Cookery School is based on that philosophy—we take people through the farm gardens to pick their produce, before showing them how to create delicious meals with it in the kitchen. Food doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious!

I’m excited to partner with FMG and share more about my philosophy, and tips and tricks for the kitchen.

Michael's latest recipe: Plum Frangipane Puff Tart

We’re coming to the end of plum season so here’s a recipe that Michael recommends to use up any leftovers. You can easily swap out the plums for any stone-fruit like nectarines, peaches or even the first of the season’s apples.

Check out the recipe here