What does it mean to be a mutual?

At the end of the day, we think being a mutual is a much fairer way of doing business. The Mutual was set up in 1905 to give farmers a better deal and that’s something we’re still doing today.

We have a set of values we stand by that make FMG a mutual. You’ll probably find you share these values too. You could say, ‘the feeling’s mutual’.

We put back into the Mutual for your benefit

We don’t have to pay dividends to shareholders because we don’t have any. Any profits we make go straight back into the organisation to keep reinvesting in everything we need to look after our clients.

We also like to think this pays off at claims time, so when a claim needs to be made, we know we can look after our clients and members and support the wider rural community when it counts.

Pleased to be 100% Kiwi-owned

Because we’re 100% owned by our New Zealand members, we don’t have to answer to any overseas interests. All profits stay here in New Zealand, and go straight back into the Mutual, to keep reinvesting in our products and services.

Our teams live in the communities we work in, so we understand the risks, challenges and opportunities facing our rural communities.