Top 3 Ag Contractors Vehicle Advice Tips

Agricultural Contractors

Machinery Fires

Operating machinery generates heat and involves combustible fuels which poses a significant fire risk. This is a significant cause of losses which FMG pays claims out on. The recent Nelson fires are testament to the widespread damage that can occur. As well as potentially widespread property loss, a fire could significantly interrupt business operations.

Agricultural Contractors

Vehicle Impacts and Accidents

Impact damage is the leading cause of vehicle damage from ag contractors that FMG pays out claims for. While you can never completely prevent or eliminate these issues, steps can be taken to reduce your exposure to agricultural vehicle and implement losses.  Before entering a property, consult with the land owner (potentially using farm maps) about potential hazards including drains, slopes, troughs, overhanging wires and other known obstacles (i.e. stumps).

Agricultural Contractors


In peak season, hours are often very long and tiring. Unfortunately, there are frequent accidents where fatigue is a significant factor. Ensure you and your team are well hydrated, eating well and taking regular breaks – especially during hot and busy periods. Also, make sure rosters are continually monitored to avoid driver fatigue.

Ag Contractor Advice Guide

Check out our  advice guide for more advice on keeping you and your gear safe.