El Niño is here this summer and we are encouraging rural New Zealand to be prepared for the increased risks that they may face with the dry, hot, and windy conditions on the way.

NIWA weather outlook

According to NIWA there is now 100% confidence of an El Niño over summer, and over 80% certainty that this event will extend until autumn 2024. Oceanic temperatures are within the top-five strongest El Niño's in the last 80 years. Listen to Ben Noll from NIWA explain what El Niño is and what the current outlook is for New Zealand’s weather as we head into the new year.

Seasonal Climate outlook

El Nino overview

Ocean Temparatures

El Niño Watch

Join New Zealand’s premiere rural weather communicator Phil Duncan (WeatherWatch) and Hawke’s Bay farmer and AgriHQ senior analyst Suz Bremner every Wednesday as they track the latest developments with the El Niño weather pattern and what this means for farmers.

Hear FMG’s Karen Williams on Episode 2 for some great advice about getting prepared.

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El Nino watch


Dry, hot, and windy conditions mean an increased risk of wildfires so farmers and growers need to do what they can to prepare for a worst-case scenario.

  • Is your property prepared for the fire season?
  • If you’re not ready, the risk is always extreme
  • Keep your grass short, clean dead leaves and debris from gutters and decks.
  • Keep your driveway clear of trees and hedges for fire trucks.
  • Make sure your RAPID property number is easy for emergency services to find.

Find out how to prepare

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