How to set up your garden for growing

FMG and Michael Van de Elzen have teamed up to share Michael's journey to lifestyle block living and along the way, give you advice and helpful tips to get the most out of your block. Want to know the best places to plant coriander, galangal and Makrut lime? Michael's got you covered.

Watch Michael's tips here.

Why you should test your soil

Do you know what the land used to be used for before you were there? Not all soil on your lifestyle block will be suitable for growing vegetables so it's worth taking a look at where is best to plant, or avoid, when setting up your gardens.

Watch what to look for in your soil here.

How to make raised garden beds

If you're choosing to go the raised beds route, rather than planting in the ground, do you know what you need to make those beds work best? What’s the best timber to use? What are layers are you using to fill your beds with? Do you have top soil on the farm you could use? There are plenty of ways to get the most of your raised garden beds, to help your veges thrive.

Watch how Michael does it here.

What to plant from seed

Not all vegetables are created equal. Some veges are going to thrive in summer and others won't but a lot of that comes down to whether the soil has been prepped well. Do you know the right soil to use? How far down do you plant your seeds?

Watch how Michael preps his soil for growing here.