Avoid overloading multi-boards

Overloaded multi-boards are a common source of house fires, so it’s good to consider only using ones with circuit breakers. Older homes which haven’t had their wiring or switchboards upgraded can also be a common cause. It’s important to maintain switchboards, which act as your first line of defence by blocking off electricity to any damaged or faulty wiring.

30 per cent of fires are caused by electrical faults

Invest in a fireguard

Hot embers and sparks falling on rugs or curtains can cause them to catch fire and cause devastating damage. By installing a fireguard you can contain hot embers to the fireplace. It’s also important to inspect your fireplaces and chimneys for deterioration and get your flue swept annually. Chimney fires can spread into ceilings and walls causing extensive damage to your house.

Fires in fireplaces make up 20 per cent of house fire claims

Keep an eye on your cooking

Unattended cooking, fat and oil fires make up 18% of house fire claims with FMG. The best way to avoid these fires is to keep an eye on what you’re cooking, and make sure you have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. For a frying pan fire, you can also place wet tea towel or flat object (like a chopping board) over the pan to help starve the fire of oxygen.

Unattended cooking, fat and oil fires are responsible for 18 per cent of house fire claims