Escaped animals

One of the most common Liability claims with FMG is for damaged caused by escaped animals. Once animals get off your property, they can often end up on the road resulting in an accident, or damaging neighbouring properties. An open or broken gate is often the culprit so make sure you've got the right fencing for your animals and repair any damage to fences or gates immediately.

over half of lifestyle liability claims are received from escaped animals

Falling trees

You'll often be the one responsible for the trees on your property, including any damage they cause. Trees falling onto neighbouring buildings and fences is a common cause of damage resulting in a Liability claim. Keep trees close to buildings well maintained and at least 4 metres away from overhead powerlines. If a tree is within 4 metres of any overhead lines, you must use an approved contractor to have it trimmed.

damage caused by falling trees accounts for 20 per cent of lifestyle liability claims

Contractor equipment damage

Around 1 in 10 of FMG lifestyle block Liability claims are because contractors have damaged their equipment from unknown hazards on a client's property. While contractors are great to get in for specialist jobs like mowing or fencing, it's important to take the time to check for hazards and let them know of things to be aware of before starting the job. That way they can reduce the risk of damaging their equipment and stay safe on your property.

one in 10 lifestyle liability claims involve contractor equipment damage on the property