Tick Icon Moral obligation

Cover for where you are not legally liable, but damage has been caused by your farming operations and/or animals.

Tick Icon Property in your care

Cover of up to $250,000 for your liability for loss of other people’s property while it’s in your care.

Tick Icon Landlord's liability

Covers your liability for loss or injury caused by your negligence as a landlord, or due to a defect at the tenanted premises.

Tick Icon People touring your premises

We cover any loss or damage to customers or visitors while they are touring your premises in New Zealand.

Instead of protecting your physical property, FMG’s Liability cover insures you in the event you accidentally cause damage to others’ property or personal injury to someone that is not covered by ACC, in connection with your business operations.

FMG’s Liability cover is available to our clients who own and operate businesses, as well as non-commercial clients, like lifestyle block owners.

For non-commercial clients, this policy includes moral obligation cover, in the event your animals hop the fence or cause damage while being driven, if your dogs have caused injury or damage, or trees on your property have fallen in a storm and caused damage to others’ property.

We also cover your legal liability due to accidental loss or damage to underground services like water and wastewater pipes, provided that you had looked into the location of the underground services before starting the work and had taken reasonable precautions to prevent personal injury or loss to others’ property.

Optional benefits

You can purchase optional benefits for more comprehensive cover. Give our team a call to discuss the cover that best suits your needs.

Statutory Liability 
Covers your liability if you’re ordered to pay penalties following prosecutions for unintentional, negligent conduct in connection with your business.

Spray drift 
Covers your liability if your spraying of herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides causes damage to the property of others.

Honey, wine making and olive oil processing liability 
Covers your liability if you accidentally damage or cause loss to someone else’s wine, honey or olive oil products through your production process associated with your business operations.

Dairy milk contamination 
Covers your legal liability if your contaminated milk is picked up by the tanker and accidentally contaminates milk owned by others.

To understand which policy wording applies to you, please check your Certificate of Cover, or head online to FMG Connect to view all your policy details, including the dates of your policy period. If you're unsure, give us a call.

For more information on our recent policy changes click here.

This is a summary view of our policy and is subject to our specific product documentation and underwriting criteria. For full details please download the policy wording or get a free copy by calling us on 0800 366 466.

Liability Policy Wording Effective for new policies, items or renewals from:

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