Top 3 Mobile Trades Advice Tips

Mobile Trades

Motor Vehicles

As a mobile tradesperson, you spend a lot of time on the road going to and from various sites and jobs. It’s not surprising then that almost 70% of mobile trades claims FMG pays out on relate to motor vehicle accidents, the majority of which are for on-road, vehicle-on-vehicle crashes. Ensure that you always drive to the conditions and that your vehicle is suitably equipped if you are driving it off road.

Mobile Trades

Tools of the Trade

Tools of trade are essential to your business. Unfortunately, they are also very tempting for thieves to steal. In FMG’s experience, almost 60% of mobile trade tools and equipment theft claims are for items stolen out of vehicles. If you have a container on-site where you store tools, this should be fitted with a heavy-duty lockbox-style steel cover to prevent the padlock being cut and if possible, a portable alarm. Where practical, remove tools and equipment from vehicles overnight or during the weekend or ensure vehicles containing tools are garaged or parked away from the roadside and alarmed. You can also consider recording the serial numbers of tools or engraving them with your name.

Mobile Trades


You may be held liable for loss you cause to others’ property when completing building, electrical, plumbing or other trade work. For example, you spilling paint onto a client’s carpet or you failing to seal a pipe that results in water damage to wall and floor. Ensure you and other tradesmen have all the required qualifications for the work they are completing and that arrangements are clearly recorded in writing should a dispute arise later down the track.

Mobile Trades Advice Guide

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