Unkept trees lead to damaged houses

In the Greater Auckland region, 20% of wind claims involved trees damaging houses.

Trees and branches falling, wind lifting iron and tiles off roofs, and loose items blown into sides of houses are a common cause of these claims. A good rule is keeping branches trimmed and at least 3 metres clear of any buildings and overhead powerlines. We recommend securing any outdoor items that could become missiles in strong winds. If you notice any loose tiles or iron, repair these as soon as possible.

Auckland trim trees

Mind the gap

In the Greater Auckland region, 1 in 3 tractor claims involved damaged tyres.

Nearly 10% of these claims were from gudgeon or post damage. Damage is also caused by tyres being pierced or ruptured, running into water troughs, or jack-knifing and hitting towed trailers or implements. We recommend stepping out the gap between posts to ensure the tractor and implements get through undamaged. Always remove all old wires, posts, and waratahs from the paddock – even if this means digging them up.

Auckland mind the gap

Don't let your vehicle become a target

Items taken from vehicles in the Greater Auckland region account for over 1 in 3 contents theft claims.

Smartphones, wallets, handbags, and tools are the main target of these crimes so keep valuable items out of sight so your vehicle doesn’t become a target. Avoid leaving valuable items and equipment in vehicles for extended periods of time, and park in well-lit places. Car alarms or additional vehicle security systems are useful to deter thieves.

Auckland car theft