With the wild weather and heavy rain currently sweeping up the country we want you to know that FMG is here and ready to help.

Here’s some advice on keeping yourself safe and how to make a claim, if you need to do so.

Be safe. In assessing damage, please don’t do anything that will put your safety at risk.

  • Continue to follow the instructions of Civil Defence and emergency services providers.
  • Avoid entering flood water, either on foot or in a vehicle. Flood water can contain raw sewage and contaminants, conduct electricity and mask hidden hazards, and poses a serious hazard to health. It may be deeper, or moving faster, than you expect.
  • You can begin lodging your claim using FMG Connect here. Using FMG Connect helps us keep phonelines free for those in most urgent need.
  • Lodge your claim before you throw items out.
  • Photos. Take as many photos of damage as you can, this will help support your claim.
  • Mark, and take a photo of where flood water reached its highest within your property.
  • Do what’s necessary to make your home safe and sanitary. When cleaning, wear a mask, gloves and overalls to minimise exposure to possibly hazardous materials.
  • Temporary accommodation. If you need temporary accommodation, please call us to see how we can help.
  • Land-related claims. Call FMG directly, there is no need to call EQC for these.
  • Essential repairs. Try to make buildings safe and weatherproof. For any other repairs get in touch with FMG first.
  • Do not drive your vehicle if it has suffered water damage
  • If water has entered your property, don't turn on your electricity until it has been inspected by an electrician.
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