Contents Claims

Contents Claims

How to make an insurance claim for your personal, farm or commercial contents.

The contents claim process

If you need to make a contents claim; let us know as soon as possible. Call 0800 366 466 or get your claim started online.  

Claiming for damaged contents

Remember to keep the damaged contents you want to claim for.  If you’re claiming for spoilt frozen or refrigerated food, take photos before you throw it out.

Once your claim is lodged we might need a report from a repairer to confirm the damage and what caused it, and an estimate to repair or replace the items.  We can arrange replacement quotes for most electrical items, including mobile phones.

In some cases we may appoint an assessor when you lodge the claim or when we receive the report.  If we appoint an assessor they’ll help arrange quotes and liaise with repairers.

Claiming for lost or stolen contents

If you have lost an item, or had something stolen:

  • let the police know straight away and take note of the file reference number
  • check whether any house or vehicle keys have been stolen.

Once your claim is lodged we’ll need a list of the items, their approximate age, and a quote to replace them. We can help arrange this for most electrical items including mobile phones and if an assessor is appointed, they can help with this as well.

We may also need proof of ownership such as receipts, photos or warranties. 

Minimising further damage

Sometimes you might need to act straight away to stop damage to your contents getting worse.  If this happens remember to take photos at the time and keep any damaged items.

Here are some tips to help prevent further damage before help is on the way. 

Flooding - storms or burst pipes

  • Turn water off at the mains if the flooding’s from pipes/hot water cylinder.
  • Contact a local carpet cleaning company for advice about how to start drying your property out – they often deal with flooding restoration.
  • Dry things out as best as you can. 

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