How to manage your account with FMG Connect

Updating your contact details

You can edit your contact information such as mobile phone, home phone, and account email address in FMG Connect. You can also choose to receive statements via email and select whether you’d like to receive news and promotional material online rather than through the post.

If you’re having trouble updating any other personal information, you can send us a message within FMG Connect, or give us a call on 0800 366 466.

Obtaining a Certificate of Cover

You can generate a Certificate of Cover (also called Insurance Certificate) for a single item vehicle, boat, house, building, or general liability. This will create a pdf document you can use for proof of insurance.

Obtaining a Policy Statement

You can access the last 3 years of your policy statements. You can see policy statements:

  • at policy creation
  • after each policy change
  • when your policy renews.

Managing the way you pay for your insurance

You can also manage your payments in FMG Connect, including:

  • making changes to your existing direct debit payments
  • setting up direct debit payments at renewal
  • making secure, one-off payments via credit card.