Tick Icon Livestock in a building

Animals housed inside a building are covered for accidental death and theft.

Tick Icon Livestock in transit

Cover for accidental death of animals caused by vehicle, ship or aircraft accidents.

Tick Icon Vet costs

Up to $500 for any one event, for treatment to prevent the death of your specified livestock.

Tick Icon Removal and disposal costs

We cover the cost of disposing of dead animals, up to $2,500 for any one event accepted under this policy.

FMG’s Livestock policy covers your animals, including cattle, sheep, poultry, alpacas, deer, goats, llamas, and pigs.

This policy has wider cover available if you choose to specify animals, or a lower level of blanket cover is available for whole herds.

You can choose to cover individually specified livestock for accidental death and theft, accidental death in transit and poisoning resulting in death. We consider the age of the animal when providing this cover type.

We cover your livestock housed in a building or covered yard, as well as out in the open air. For animals kept in the open air, FMG’s Livestock policy covers accidental death caused by defined weather events, fire, explosion, stock worrying and electrocution. The full list of these events can be found in the policy wording.

Optional benefits

You can purchase optional benefits for even more comprehensive cover

Livestock infertility 
Covers specified bulls, rams, stags, stallions and machos if they have become permanently infertile or incapable of reproduction as a result of an accident, illness or disease.

Post shearing sheep mortality 
Cover for accidental death of your sheep as a direct result of weather exposure in the 14 days immediately after shearing. The death must be caused by exposure to rain, low temperature or smothering as a direct result of this exposure.

Removal of hard antlers and velvet from deer 
Cover for the death of any specified stags if the death is a direct result of removing their antlers or hard velvet, as long as the procedure meets the recommended removal standards.

Poultry smothering 
Cover for your poultry in the event of accidental death as a direct result of abnormal temperatures caused by accidental breakdown of lighting, heating or ventilation equipment, or the unexpected failure of the public electrical power supply. Restrictions apply.

To understand which policy wording applies to you, please check your Certificate of Cover, or head online to FMG Connect to view all your policy details, including the dates of your policy period. If you're unsure, give us a call.

For more information on our recent policy changes click here.

This is a summary view of our policy and is subject to our specific product documentation and underwriting criteria. For full details please download the policy wording or get a free copy by calling us on 0800 366 466.

Livestock Policy Wording Effective for new policies, items or renewals from:

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