We make it a priority to understand our client's situation, business goals and hopes for their family, so we can offer the best advice and products. See how our advice and cover has made a huge difference for people just like you.

Coming a cropper

Rachel and Brian Leadley have spent 30 years growing in the Canterbury region and the strength of the Leadley’s operation is Brian’s ability to get on and get things done. But in the process of considering Life & Health cover they questioned ‘What would happen if Brian couldn’t operate a tool or work full time?’ and more than a decade later when Brian injured his hand, they were able to focus on recovery and get in people to get the job done, thanks to FMG's Life & Health cover.

Don't sweat the small stuff

Life & Health cover helped Simon and Vicky Phillips have the confidence they needed to establish Hanmer Building Solutions thirteen years ago. And when Vicky found a lump in her breast, the cover kicked in and they could focus on Vicky's recovery without having to worry about the business.

An unexpected break

When Fairlie farmer Murray Bell came off his farm bike and badly injured his shoulder, looking after his 360 hectare sheep and beef farm on his own became an impossible task. Luckily, he'd taken FMG's advice and covered himself for this kind of thing, so he could bring someone in to the work the farm and he could rest up and recover.