Refrigerated Goods

Refrigerated Goods

Cover for your chilled, frozen or refrigerated goods, including their container and packaging.

What we cover

The FMG Refrigerated Goods policy automatically includes these covers and benefits.

Refrigerated goods are covered for accidental spoilage, which includes deterioration, putrefaction and contamination, caused by:

  • Machinery breakdown
  • Refrigerant escaping into your refrigerated storage cabinet, chamber or room
  • Your electricity or gas supplier disconnecting supply to your premises without prior warning
  • Accidental failure of the electricity or gas supply to your premises 

Cover for accidental spoilage of semen and embryos, which you’ve specified on your certificate, following the escape of liquid nitrogen from the cask or flask they’re stored in.  Cover applies when they’re at your premises or being transported anywhere in New Zealand. 

What we pay

We’ll pay the reasonable cost to replace the damaged goods. If we can’t replace them or you choose not to we’ll pay the present day value, which is the value just before the loss and takes into account age and condition.

We’ll also pay reasonable costs to avoid or minimise spoilage.

For each straw or embryo we’ll pay the actual value at the time of loss. The most we’ll pay for any one claim is the sum insured shown on the certificate.


Download policy

Please note this is only a summary of the product and is subject to our specific product documentation. For full details please download the policy wordings using the links below, or you can get a free copy by calling us on 0800 366 466.


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