An abundance of natural riches coupled with many innovative producers has made our region thrive in the eyes of New Zealand and on the world stage.

We are your local FMG team and we are proud to walk alongside our clients,  giving professional insurance advice to ensure our clients have the correct level of cover in place and supporting them when the sudden and unforeseen happens.

We are passionate and committed to supporting our community by attending and sponsoring many local events.

Mel Harrison | Area Manager – Sales, Advice & Service

Mel Harrison

"FMG understands the rural community and their clients' businesses. They ensure you have a fit-for-purpose insurance package and are easy to deal with."

Jane Smith, Newhaven Farms, Oamaru

The South Canterbury/ North Otago  Team

This is your local FMG team – they're never too far away. And our phones are answered in Palmerston North.

  • Sophie Mori

    Sophie M

    Rural Manager

  • Jess Murphy

    Jess Murphy

    Rural Manager (Oamaru)

  • Lydia Bowles

    Lydia Bowles

    Rural Manager (Timaru)

  • Sharyn Greer

    Sharyn Greer

    Rural Manager (Oamaru)

  • Renee Conlon

    Renee Harrison

    Rural Manager (Timaru / Ashburton)

  • Hannah Farquhar

    Hannah Farquhar

    Rural Manager  (Timaru / Ashburton)

  • Tash Andrews

    Tash A

    Commercial Manager (Timaru / Oamaru)

  • Hamish Symons

    Hamish S

    Corporate Account Manager

  • Michael McCone

    Michael McCone

    Life & Health Adviser (Timaru / Ashburton)

  • Heidi Munro

    Heidi Munro

    Life & Health Adviser (Timaru / Oamaru)