WATCH: Life and health cover helped Simon and Vicky Phillips have the confidence they needed to establish Hanmer Building Solutions thirteen years ago.

The Phillips’ two boys were only little when they set up the business.

“At the time Cole was a baby and Connor a preschooler, so to take that step going out on our own we wanted to look after ourselves and our business. We have life cover for Simon and me, and health cover as well. Our boys also piggy-back on our policy for surgical medical cover, if they ever need it,” says Vicky.

The Phillips’ live on the family farm in Hanmer Springs – a 270ha block. It was when they moved into the homestead on the farm 13 years that they joined FMG.

“What we like about FMG is that it’s a smaller company and instead of being just a number you’re a part of it (the Mutual). They come out and visit every 12 to 18 months and help review your insurance – having the team there in the background looking after that side for us is the part we really like,” says Vicky.

When considering life and health cover they also appreciated the approach taken. FMG partners with specialist life and health insurers to offer clients this service. “They don’t over insure you – they give you all the options.

“Living rurally as well, life and health cover gave us peace of mind. If we had to go to hospital and live away, we’d have the cover for hotel rooms and other expenses, that was a big consideration for us.”

Fast forward 13 years and Hanmer Building Solutions is a busy business that now employs six local builders and the Phillips’ two boys are teenagers. Simon and Vicky thoroughly enjoy Hanmer, particularly the local spirit with the couple both involved in the community in various ways.

Recently, the unexpected happened. Following a routine mammogram, Vicky discovered she had a breast carcinoma in situ – cancerous cells contained in one area.

“I had two surgery two weeks later. By having the health cover, I was able to go straight in for the operation. I then went back two weeks later for the results to find out they’d found more, and I needed to go back in for a second surgery,” says Vicky.

Vicky says after the two surgeries the specialists are confident they’ve removed all the cancerous cells.

“For the next two years I need be vigilant and have regular checks,” says Vicky.

“Having the health cover was such a relief – even to extent that we could easily send in the medical bills and not have to worry about it. The insurers were so easy deal with and super kind when you’re worrying about other things. It’s less stress and there’s no financial strain. It’s one less thing to worry about,” says Vicky.

The Phillips’ serious illness cover also kicked in.

“When FMG found out about the cancer they stepped into action. My serious illness cover paid out $25,000, which is just amazing,” says Vicky.

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