Cover for your house including garages, sheds, gates, fences, patios, tennis courts, driveways and pools.

What we cover

The FMG Home policy automatically includes these covers and benefits.

Covers your home if it’s damaged or destroyed by a sudden, unintended and unforeseen event. There's also the option of limiting your accidental loss cover to defined events noted in the policy. Check out the policy wording for a list of what these events are.

Up to $1,000,000 cover for your legal liability if you accidentally damage someone else’s property, or accidentally injure someone, excluding an employee or tenant, at your property only. 

We’ll pay up to $5,000 for gradual damage to your home. This is hidden damage that’s caused over time by a leaking internal waste or water pipe installed at your home.

We will review your sum insured amount at renewal and may make an adjustment for inflation.

If we’ve accepted a claim for your home and your lawn, flowers, trees or shrubs were damaged as well, then we’ll pay up to $5,000 to restore them.

If your keys are lost or stolen we'll pay to replace them and you won't need to pay an excess. This also covers devices you use to enter your property like electronic access cards and remote door openers.

Your home is covered for damage caused by an earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, hydrothermal activity or landslip. This is a ‘top up’ to cover provided by EQC.

If there has been a natural disaster, flood or storm and the cost of to rebuild your home has increased due to an increase in demand we may increase the cover available by 10%, if your home is insured for nominated replacement value.

If we’ve accepted a claim for damage to your home caused by a fallen tree we’ll cover up to $1,000 for removal and disposal of the tree. 

Cover up to $5,000 towards the cost of refilling your fire fighting equipment after it’s been used to protect your home from loss covered by this policy.

We’ll cover up to $20,000 to repair or replace your retaining walls following an accidental loss. This sum is included in the total amount of cover available for your home.

If you’ve had a claim on your home and your septic tank wasn’t damaged but has to be rebuilt or replaced to connect to the home, we’ll pay the reasonable costs of completing this work. 

If your home is covered for Replacement and is being rebuilt following a total loss, we’ll pay up to $10,000 to install a sprinkler system if you didn’t already have one. 

Cover for accidental loss caused by terrorism, so long as it’s not connected with nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons or contamination. 

Covers your legal liability and defence costs, up to $1,000,000, for costs awarded against you under the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977. 

Up to $5,000 cover for legal liability costs associated with a hazardous substances emergency at your section. 

Cover for up to $100,000 for your legal liability under the Innkeepers Act 1962, for loss at your property. 

Optional extras

You can purchase these Optional Benefits for even more comprehensive insurance.

Insures fencing or windbreaks used just for operations on your lifestyle block, cover is for present day value up to $5,000. 

Pumps and motors used to service your lifestyle block are insured against breakdown or failure. We will pay up to $5,000. 

If your carpet or other floor coverings need replacing after loss covered by this policy, and you can’t find a match for what you have in other rooms, then we’ll replace the lot.

If your claim is for damage to glass doors, windows or skylights, hand basins, baths, toilet bowls or glass shower doors you won't have to pay an excess.

What we pay

FMG provides three levels of cover – Nominated Replacement, Replacement, or Present Day Value. All insurance is subject to FMG’s standard underwriting criteria.

Covers the reasonable cost to repair or rebuild your home to an as new condition, limited to the amount shown on your certificate (the sum insured). 

Covers the reasonable cost to repair or rebuild your home to an as new condition, limited to the area in square metres shown on your certificate. 

Covers the reasonable cost to repair or rebuild your home to the same condition it was in before the loss, up to the sum insured. This option takes into account the age and condition of the home.

This cover offers Full Replacement up to the SQM shown on the certificate, except in the case of Natural Disaster, where the cover is capped at the sum insured shown on the certificate.

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Please note this is only a summary of the product and is subject to our specific product documentation. For full details please download the policy wordings using the links below, or you can get a free copy by calling us on 0800 366 466.


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